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Veggie Egg Rolls 3.50
Crispy vegetable egg roll with cabbage, carrot, onion, vermicelli, noodle and sesame oil, served with sweet & sour sauce

Mini Egg Rolls 4.50
Tiny egg rolls filled with chicken, shrimp and bean thread noodles

Spring Rolls 4.50
Fresh Thai rolls filled with steamed bean sprouts, cucumber, cooked tofu, scrambled eggs covered with plum sauce, shredded carrots and green onions

Vegetable Rolls 4.50
Fresh rolls with mixed vegetables, noodles, splashed with our house dressing served with peanut sauce

Golden Crab 4.95
A mixture of crab meat, cream cheese, celery, wrapped in crispy
crepes. Served with sweet & sour sauce

Thai Pocket, 4.95
Pan fried pastry filled with shrimp and vegetables. Served with
delicious sesame sauce

Fried Tofu 5.50
Fried bean curd served with sweet and sour peanut sauce.

Siam Rolls 5.50
Shrimp, chicken, carrot, cucumber, rice noodles and thai basil leaves wrapped in rice paper. Served with sweet tamarind and peanut dipping sauce

Khanom Jeeb 5.50
Steamed shrimp shumai, served with sweet soy vinaigrette

Chicken Satay 6.95
Famous Thai appetizer, marinated in light curry, served with
delicious peanut sauce, toast, and cucumber salad

Shrimps in a Blanket 7.50
Shrimp, celery & bacon wrapped in spring roll skins, deep fried
till crispy, served with special dipping sauce

Sunshine Beef 7.95
Marinated beef in Thai herbs, served with chili sauce

Salmon Rolls 7.95
Fresh salmon rolled in spinach and fried in a crisp wrapper.
Served with teriyaki sauce

Siam Shrimp Cake 7.95
Golden fried shrimp cakes, served with spicy peanut cucumber sauce

Indicates Spicy & Hot.
We can make it mild, medium or hot at your request

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