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Curry Dishes

All Rice Dishes are served w. Thai Jasmine Rice or Brown Rice $2 Extra
Chicken, Vegetable or Tofu 10.95, Beef or Shrimp 11.95

1. Green Curry
A popular green curry with Thai eggplant, green bean,
hot pepper, and bamboo shoot simmered in coconut milk
with flavors of lemon grass and Thai basil leaves

2. Red Curry
Thai spicy red curry with coconut milk, green bean, Thai eggplant, bamboo shoots, hot pepper and Thai basil leaves

3. Panang Curry
A very popular Thai curry topped with lime leaves

4. Karry Curry
Thai Karry curry with potato, carrot and white onions.
Served with cucumber salad

5. Mussamun Curry
Medium spicy curry in coconut milk with potatoes,
carrots, and peanuts

Spicy & HotIndicates Spicy & Hot.
We can make it mild, medium or hot at your request

Enjoy the great food without MSG
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