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Rice Dishes

 All Rice Dishes are served with Thai Jasmine Rice
or Brown Rice for $2 Extra
Chicken, Vegetable or Tofu 10.00, Beef or Shrimp 11.00

6. Basil Chicken (Pad Ka Prow)
Ground chicken stir-fried with garlic, hot pepper and
Thai basil leaves

7. Cashew Chicken
Stir-fried chicken or your choice of meat with cashew nut, pineapple, peapods, mushroom, bell pepper and dried peppers.

8.Pad Plik
Stir-fried your choice of meat with onion, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, mushrooms and hot peppers in spicy sauce.

9. Mixed Vegetables
Assorted vegetables stir-fried in a light sauce with choice of meat.

10. Ginger Chicken
Stir-fried chicken or your choice of meat with sliced ginger, bell peppers, mushroom, baby corn and onion

11. Bangkok Pepper Steak
Stir-fried tender beef with bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions in a special oyster sauce

12. Rama Special
Sautéed your choice of meat topped with peanut sauce and garnished with steamed broccoli

13. Garlic Chicken
Fresh garlic, white ground pepper and sweet garlic sauce stir-fried with your choice of meat

14. Beef Broccoli
Stir-fried beef or your choice of meat with ginger served over broccoli in a delicious oyster sauce

15. BBQ Pork ’n Rice
BBQ pork surrounded by steamed broccoli with delicious ginger garlic sauce

Spicy & HotIndicates Spicy & Hot.
We can make it mild, medium or hot at your request

Enjoy the great food without MSG
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